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2023 Cosmoprof Asia – Body Beauty



Four major themes- pregnancy care, baby care, intimate cleansing, and body rejuvenation.
Customize unique body care products for all needs.



Care for pre & post pregnancy


Belly Lotion 


Lines, sagging, dryness are common concerns before and after pregnancy and childbirth.
The nourishing ingredients of belly lotion provide deep moisture, protecting mommy’s elastic and tender skin. Light and non-sticky texture create efficient absorption.


Nipple Cream


Specifically designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.
Natural lanolin ingredients combined with plant-derived moisturizing oil form a protective moisture-locking film.
Deeply nourishes dryness, itching, redness and discomfort caused by breastfeeding.
The rich texture is smooth and easy to spread. No need to wipe it off before feeding.


Foot Emulsion 


The burden on the belly increases during the middle and late stages of pregnancy.
The moderate cooling sensation of foot emulsion relieves tiredness and swelling of legs.
Aiming at ankles and heels that are prone to dryness and cracking, it quickly replenishes moisture and keeps them soft and smooth.






Soothing Gel Lotion 


Soothing gel lotion relieves skin problems for baby such as red itchiness, heat, and sweat.
The gel texture spreads better, reduces friction on baby’s skin, and solves the problems of powder clouds.
Apply evenly to areas where your baby is prone to sweating, such as buttocks, leg sockets, neck, armpits and other folds.
Quickly absorbs moisture and returns to a fresh state.


Nappy Spray for Baby 


The rub-free spray is perfect for application. Use before and after changing diapers, to rinse diaper areas and create water-proof layer.

Design with three layers: oil, water and powder.
Oil phase- forms a water-retaining film on the skin
Water phase- relieve diaper rash redness, itching, wetness and discomfort. Eliminate odor from diapers.
Powder phase- Zinc oxide powder forms a defensive barrier against irritants such as pees and poops.




Intimate Wash for both Men and Women 


Through stable pH technology, it matches the different pH values ​​of men and women to provide gentle care and protect the private skin balance.
The gentle formula is free from: alcohol, soap, PARABEN/MI/MCI, artificial colors and mineral oil.
The light texture makes it easy to clean without leaving any residue.
Effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, improves moisturizing of private areas, and keeps you fresh all day long.




BHA Refining Body Lotion 


Through skin-rejuvenating salicylic acid, BHA refining body lotion removes dead skin cells.
Target areas prone to dullness such as hips, hands and feet, back, neck, chest, etc.
Fight body acne and pimples, smooth rough particles and purify pores.
Added extra moisturizing ingredients reveals softness and radiance, and stabilizes skin condition.


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