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2023 Cosmoprof Asia – For Sensitive Skin


A cleaning and nourishing collection designed for sensitive skin targeting dryness, itchiness, tightness, and redness.


2023 年敏感肌專屬系列 - For Sensitive Skin 敏感肌純淨保養


Less is More -9 ingredients recipe 


Get rid of substances that may trigger irritation, each product from this collection is made of 9 key ingredients only. 


Less is More -9 ingredients 極簡配方系列


To maintain stable and good skin condition, it is essential to simplify skincare routine into three steps:


Step Micellar Water 

Deep cleansing makeup remover, washing away dirt and excess oil.


Step Repair Serum

Quickly soothe and calm sensitive redness.


Step Moisturizing Lotion

Maintain all-day hydration.


Made without:

Alcohol, color pigment, fragrance, PARABENS/MI/MCI, plasticizer, mineral oil, animal ingredients, SLS/SLES, Triethanolamine, triclosan


Gentle Cleanser


A new option for mild cleansing designed for sensitive skin.

Excessive cleaning is one of the factors that triggers sensitivity.

Choose gentle cleansing products that can effectively remove dirt while maintaining moisture and skin barrier.


Less is More -9 ingredients 極簡配方系列


Non-foaming Cleansing Milk 


Non-foaming formulations with light texture can easily remove daily makeup. 

It’s great for removing dirt, makeup, and impurities from your skin without stripping away natural oils.

Not creating a lot of bubbles, it tends to minimize water loss, thus making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin and dryness concerns.


Amino acid facial cleanser


It’s made with mild amino acid surfactants, creating a PH environment similar to that of the skin. 

Amino acid cleanser maintains skin’s natural moisturizing barrier.

Without excessive cleansing, mild amino acid facial cleanser keeps skin balance, elasticity and leaves no tightness afterward.


Made without:

Fragrance, soap, silicone, sulfate, PARABENS, mineral oil



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