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2023 Cosmoprof Asia – Ocean-friendly Sunscreen

Starting from 2020, countries such as Palau, Hawaii, and Thailand have successively banned sunscreen products containing coral-harmful ingredients in sunscreen.
Ocean-friendly sunscreen reaches a new balance between marine ecology and skin protection.


Combining the two core concepts of sustainable and sensitivity-friendly,
avoiding chemicals that harm marine life, ocean-friendly sunscreen protects the environment and skin at the same time.




Ocean-friendly Formula

Without ingredients that harm corals and marine ecology



 TRICLOSAN                 PABA

 PARABENS                   OCT

 4-MBC                              PE



New Era of UV Block SPF 50+ ★★★★ PA++++ 

Long-term blocking of UVB and UVA radiation, delaying sunburn time,
protecting your skin from premature aging.

Find the perfect ocean-friendly sunscreen for every occasion


Water-light for daily use

Weightless and watery texture without stickiness.
Suitable for commuting and indoor activities




Water & Sweat proof for Outdoor

Extra sun protection for outdoor sports and water sports.
The unique protective film is water-resistant, sweat-resistant and friction-resistant.
All-day protection fights against UV rays.





It combines the benefits of UV protection and skin correcting properties.
It improves overall complexion for all skin tones by creating a flawless canvas for makeup.




100% Mineral-based

Titanium Dioxide UV shield provides special care for sensitive skins.
Unlike chemical sunscreens, mineral sunscreens work by creating a physical barrier on the skin’s surface that reflects and scatters the UV rays.
This means they start working as soon as they’re applied, providing immediate protection.




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