FAQ from your skincare manufacturer

As a qualified skincare manufacturer, we typically ask a series of important questions before partnering with clients. These questions help ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the project scope, goals, and expectations. 


Q1. Who are you?


  • What are your brand’s visions?
  • Who is your target audience?


Q2. What products are you looking for?


  • What are you looking for : cleanser, moisturizers, mask, or others.
  • Do you have a specific formulation in mind? Or should we create one for you?
  • What are your key ingredients?
  • Specific requirements: texture, scent, color, etc.


Q3. What are your packaging preferences?


  • Types of containers
  • Materials
  • Components : applicators, dispensers, pumps, etc 
  • Innovation/Design/Printing requirement


Q4. When will be the launch date?


Knowing the launch date allows us to plan formulation and production schedule accordingly. 


Q5. Any products you find attractive?


This could refer to products in the market that you like for their packaging, formulation, effectiveness, branding, or any other features. We can speed up the process by knowing your preferences. 



By asking these questions, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your vision and requirements. This information is crucial for formulating, producing, and delivering products that meet your expectations and align with brand’s goals.



Ready to bring your skincare product idea to reality?

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